New Business FAQs

The cost of new service connections are the responsibility of the customer requesting service. The customer must pay for the cost of installing the metering equipment to provide their water service. This is a one time charge and the company will operate and maintain that equipment after the initial installation.

No. The water company installs the water meter in the public or utility right-of-way area. It is the owner’s responsibility to install the plumbing line between the water meter assembly and the house or place of business.

The cost of uncollectable funds from delinquent accounts are included in the water rates that are charged to all customers in the community. We require that a deposit be posted for each new water service account to protect all customers from the cost of those accounts should they become delinquent or uncollectable.

No. We require that all new service fees and deposits be paid at the time of application for water service.

No. It typically takes 7 to 10 working days from the date of application and receipt of payment to have the new water service and meter assembly installed.

No. The day that we receive payment is considered the day of application.

In order to be able to install a water meter for a new service, we must be able to have a hole that is deep enough to reach the water main. The main is typically three to four feet deep. In addition, our installers require enough space to work on the exposed pipe. If the service is across the street, we must have a hole large enough to get below the level of the street and bore a new service line under the roadway to install a meter on the other side of the street. We regret any inconvenience but please remember that we are working in a servitude or public right-of-way and our goal is to keep the construction site as safe and as small as possible.

It may be possible to relocate your water meter; however, it will be necessary for us to determine if the meter can be relocated and the customer will be required to pay all charges associated with the relocation of the meter in advance.

There are substantial costs associated with moving a meter. Although the customer may feel that the meter is not in the most desirable location for them, the meter was initially installed in the best possible area at the time.

The cost of new line extensions are the responsibility of the customer requesting water service. Therefore, a customer requesting water service that will require a waterline extension must pay the cost of extending water service to their property and any service connection charges.

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