Automatic Bank Draft Enrollment

Streamline your bills and have your account automatically drafted from your bank account each month. You avoid the hassle of mailing in a payment, having to go online or to call in and pay a convenience fee to pay your bill. Just click here to get the form.

Print the form, fill it out completely, include a voided check and then either drop off at your local Louisiana Water Company customer service office, fax to (337) 369-2907 or simply mail it to Louisiana Water Company, 448 E. Main Street, New Iberia, LA 70560, and we will take care of getting you set up. Continue paying your bill normally until you receive notice on the bill that your account will be drafted.

Each month you will need to verify the amount of your bill on your Smartbill or paper bill so that you are aware of the amount that will be drafted from your account. The automatic draft application provides the option to set a draft limit on your account. We recommend you consider a draft limit amount but remember to consider the seasonal changes in your water usage and other billing amounts. The limit is a safeguard should you experience an unusually high bill due to a water leak. If you choose to set a limit, it is your responsibility to verify your bills from month to month so that you do not exceed the draft limit. We will not draft your account should the amount of the bill exceed the draft limit even by as much as a penny since we will be contractually obligated by that limit. If you exceed the draft limit you run the risk of your service being disconnected for non-payment unless you pay the bill by the due date.

A great way to be completely hands free with your account is to sign up for Automatic Draft along with the Smartbill and you will have your bills paid each month automatically and have the ability to receive and keep all of your bills electronically.

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