Definitions and Terminology

Plumbing Line – The pipe that connects the Customer’s home to the water meter. This line and all attached fittings are the property of the Customer and are maintained by the Customer.

Shut Off Valve – A valve owned by the customer that is usually located near the water meter or where the pipes enter the residence from the outside and used to stop water from entering the customer’s plumbing lines.

Metered Service – Service for which the charges are computed on the basis of measured quantities of water.

Curb Stop – The valve located inside the meter box for use by the water company to turn the water on or off at the meter service.

Service Line – Piping that is owned by the water company and is used to bring water from the distribution main to the water meter.

Distribution Main – Piping that is owned by the water company and is used to deliver water from the water treatment plant to your property.

Estimated Bill – When a physical barrier or condition renders the meter inaccessible or unreadable, a bill will be generated based on average historical usage data until the problem can be resolved.

Billing Cycle – The frequency with which the meter is read and statements are generated. Meters are read monthly and billings are generated from the monthly meter readings.

Irrigation – Water used primarily for landscape watering.

Domestic Usage – Water used by a residence or a business for human consumption or everyday processes including cleaning, drinking, goods production or other similar uses.

Cross-Connection – An actual or potential connection between a potable and non-potable water supply which constitutes a serious public health hazard.

Backflow Prevention Assembly – A device used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow from a customer’s plumbing or fire protection lines.

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