Smartbill Enrollment

Louisiana Water Company (LAWCO) proudly announces the Smartbill as another FREE way to pay your bill. Smartbill is the safe and secure solution which addresses two of the most popular suggestions that we have received from our customers; eliminating convenience fees AND reducing the carbon footprint by going PAPERLESS!

Smartbill now offers the option of recurring payments with your debit card, credit card or ACH (Automatic Bank Draft).

Once you have enrolled in the Smartbill program and you have received the e-mail confirmation, you will no longer receive a paper bill. Your monthly water bill will now arrive electronically as a PDF in your e-mail inbox. After receiving your first Smartbill electronically, you will no longer be charged a convenience fee when paying your water bill online through your Smartbill. You will also have the ability to pay over the web with an e-check, money market, savings, American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover. In addition, you have the option of setting up recurring payments with your debit card, credit card or ACH (Automatic Draft Program).

Please be advised that signing up for Smartbill does not immediately enroll you in the program. But once your enrollment is complete, you avoid the convenience fee on your most current paper statement.

Once you enroll, your next bill statement (Smartbill) will be e-mailed to you and you will be able to pay from that statement and avoid the convenience fee in the pay link that is provided on that bill.

The new Smartbill will appear exactly as the paper statement that you are accustomed to receiving in the mail. Convenience fee charges are not immediately void until you receive your first statement via e-mail. Save TIME and MONEY.

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