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  • Notice of Adjustment in Retail Rates - Thank you for being a Louisiana Water Company (LAWCO) customer.  We are proud of the quality drinking water LAWCO can provide to the residents in the communities of Crowley, DeQuincy, Eunice, Lecompte, Loreauville, Mansura and New Iberia.  This notice is to inform you of Lawco's rate increase that will begin appearing on February 2023 bills.  As it relates to this rate change, please note that each customer's bill is dependent upon usage.  The typical residential customer should see an increase over the interim rates currently in effect of approximately $1.25 on their monthly water bill effective February 1, 2023.  Read More
  • Say Hello to Your New Cleaner, Clearer Bill - You will begin seeing new-look bills from LAWCO in the mail soon.  These new bills will have all of the same account information in a more organized, and easy to read format.  Your billing cycle will remain the same.  Read More
  • Why Is It Important to Weather/Freeze Protect My Backflow Preventer and Piping?  Another major freeze event in south Louisiana and another rash of broken customer backflow preventers (BFP) and pipes that were not properly freeze protected.  During major freeze events with extended sub-freezing temperatures, it is critical that any water piping and/or water carrying devices that are above the ground be protected from freezing.  During a freeze event, the water within the piping or backflow preventer can freeze and expand causing the pipe or BFP to break and result in a major water leak in the customer's plumbing and adversely affect the water system during times of heavy demands or water use.  Improper freeze protection and the resulting broken water pipes or BFP's can mean expensive repairs or replacements of damaged equipment, significantly higher water bills and service fees, water service interruption until repairs or replacements have been completed for the customer, and, greater demand and stress on the water utility company to adequatly provide water service to the community.  What can you do to weather/freeze protect your water piping or BFP device?  Read More
  • Water Pipe Freeze Protection and Water Conservation - For Freeze protecting water pipes, the first step is to keep your residence heated.  The heating system in the home can help to keep waterlines from freezing.  Wrap water pipes with foam insulation and hold the insulation in place with duct tape.  Secure thermostatic heating tape around the pipe with duct tape; plug the heat tape into a nearby receptacle to help maintain a constant pipe temperature.  If the residence will not be heated or unprotected plumbing is exposed to the sub-freezing temperatures, then draining the plumbing lines is the best form of freeze prevention.  Read More
  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Advisory & Safety Precaution - LAWCO Customer Service Office Lobby Closures  The safety and well-being of our employees and our customers remain our highest priority.  In an effort to minimize person to person exposure to the Coronavirus COVID-19, LAWCO will close the customer service office lobby in all LAWCO service areas effective March 17, 2020 until further notice.  Read More
  • Annual Backflow Preventer Inspection Notices - The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and the Louisiana State Plumbing Code require field testing of all backflow prevention assemblies annually and that a copy of this test report be submitted to your local water utility supplier.  Louisiana Water Company mails Annual Backflow Preventer Inspection Notices to customers prior to the previous year's inspection date.  Read More 
  • LAWCO Warns Customers of Fraudulent Phone Calls -  Fraudulent callers are calling LAWCO customers in several of our service areas demanding immediate payment of water bills or face water service disconnection.  LAWCO reminds all customers that the company will not call or pressure customers for payment.  Read More
  • How much is my water bill?  When is my water bill due?  Learn More About Our Automated Telephone System.  Read More
  • Buyer Beware - Water Service Line Coverage - It has recently been brought to our attention that a company is mailing out solicitations to homeowners offering water service line insurance coverage.  Louisiana Water Company has no affiliation with this organization and has no knowledge of this and does not endorse this solicitation.  Read More

Understanding Your Bill

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Backflow Preventers

As your community water supplier, we have an obligation to take every precaution to prevent contaminants from entering the water system.

Do you need to install a backflow preventer? Who can install, inspect or test your backflow preventer?

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